Short Course Training Sessions


In these work pressured times, people find it increasingly more and more difficult to get away from their desks to attend a whole day or even half day training sessions. The Training People understand this pressure and have put together a range of courses that specifically target people in the time pressured work environments that exist today.

These sessions are designed specifically to cover the maximum amount of information within the minimum amount of time whilst still enabling delegates to learn techniques that they can use effectively every day. Known as “Brown Bag Lunches”, because participants can enjoy their sandwich lunch whilst learning new and exciting things these could of course be run at any time during the day!

Although each course is effective as a stand-alone session, a number of them work well when run as a “series” or even a day, giving delegates a greater armoury of techniques that can be applied both at work and often in their personal lives too.

Audience participation is key in all our programmes and everyone has ample opportunity to practice and put into action techniques we cover. Prepare to learn vital communication skills and have fun at the same time!

The Training People work with clients to assess their individual needs - tailoring the sessions as required. Please contact Tina Williams on the above number to arrange an appointment.

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Understanding the Aliens!

Now I’ve got your attention, the aliens – clearly – are everyone except you! When you finish talking are you often met with blank stares and an embarrassed silence? Everyone has to communicate in a variety of different situations to a wide range of audiences and still ensure that all parties receive the correct information in the correct way!

If delivered incorrectly, a message can generate negative and unwanted feelings, unnecessary confusion or even hostility. Learn how to ensure people really understand what you mean and get your message across succinctly!

This session highlights the differences between us all and helps you understand others and appreciate why we all do what we do and the way we do it!

Next available 'Aliens' workshop: Saturday, September 15, 2012, 10:30am until 1:30pm
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Body Language – The Secret Weapon

If you are leading a meeting, delivering a proposal or trying to convince people that what you are saying is a good idea, then body language awareness can give you the edge. Your body language is part of your "communication", a very large part in fact. When your body language and your message are in sync then you stand a far greater chance of success. If you are able to read signals from other people with whom you are dealing then you are at an even greater advantage.

This session can help you increase your personal impact by improving your awareness and utilisation of successful body language techniques.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)* unwrapped

Developing the ability to ‘see through’ people will give you an incredible advantage in negotiations. You will be able to ‘instinctively’ sense when you need to change your approach or when you need to stress something of importance to the other party. You will develop an uncanny knack to ‘know’ people as if you were psychic but really, it is all down to skills you learn on this course.

You will tailor your language to have the maximum effect and avoid being dragged in, when you don’t want to be, by other people’s language.

NLP has a vast toolbox of techniques at our disposal to use at any given moment. During these sessions you will practice, practice and practice the basic skills needed to enhance your life – professionally as well as personally.

This is a taster session for anyone who is interested in Personal Development and would like an insight into what’s so great about NLP and how it can be used always, everywhere with everyone!

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Calm, Calm, Calmer

Do you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time? Are you being asked to do two or three or even four peoples’ jobs? Can you feel yourself becoming stressed as even small, insignificant issues start to become large stumbling blocks? Are you finding it hard to make even a small decision? You will learn some very basic techniques to help you overcome this situation/stress; making life calmer, more stress-free and helping to achieve a better work-life balance.

This session is for anyone who feels they are over-worked and need to take back control and get their lives back on track.

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All sessions are complete in themselves; however some sessions are designed to complement each other. Tailoring the sessions to be most effective for your requirements is something we offer all our clients.

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